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My paintings are the result from my continuing fascination with the sense of the places I move through as I live in the world. All of my work during the last 15 years has been connected in various ways with this fascination.

The current paintings represent memories of places; sometimes specific places, sometimes feelings of unknown but familiar places. 

I begin by drawing in paint (usually black) on the canvas, squeezing the paint through a cut in the bottom of the tube, repeatedly turning the canvas. I let my hand move and try to eliminate from my mind any specific imagery. Then I erase some of the black marks with white paint and go back in with the black, all the while turning the canvas. Eventually, sometimes, a series of marks emerge which suggest a familiarity to me. There is an orientation for the canvas and, perhaps, a suggestion of an horizon. I will introduce colour washes, work some more with the black and white, then more colour in a cycle. Often a focal, recognizable, central element will emerge. However, many of the shapes and colours will remain a mystery. The tension between the two is important. 

Roger Kirby, November 2011

Selected Exhibitions

2011 "30 Missions" , Lytham Heritage Centre, Lytham, UK
2011 "30 Missions", The Forum, Norwich, UK
2010 "30 Missions", Ottersburn Gallery, Dumfries, UK
2008 "30 Missions", Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI
2004 "The Web of Life", De Blois Gallery, Newport, RI
2001 "Haywire", Island Arts, Newport, RI
2000 "Roger Kirby Paintings", Spring Bull Gallery, Newport, RI


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Newport Art Museum
Works held in private collections in USA, UK, Spain